Planners Anonymous

by Elisabeth Willard

I’m a planner. I’m thought out, decent at forecasting, always thinking about the next thing and making sure there is a plan in place for it to run smoothly. Scheduling is my therapy. It gives me control & predictability – which I throughly enjoy. I know what to expect and also know where my free […]

She will not fear bad news

by Original Staff

“She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Why is it so easy to expect the worst, not the best? We expect that so-and-so thinks poorly of us. We expect the diagnosis to be positive. We expect to be disappointed. We expect that we will be treated […]

God believes in YOU!

by Lisa Seaton

God believes in you + is cheering you on. Read this line again: God believes in you + is cheering you on. Now take a moment, and take it in. Let the words sink deep, and let this resounding truth settle into your soul. The God of the universe believes in you. Yes. You. He […]

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude

by Original Staff

It can come out of nowhere….anxiety. It can plunge a perfectly good day into a dark, lonely place of worry, nervousness, fear, and concern. We’ve all been there. We’ve all received an open-ended invitation to a party hosted by anxiety. At this party we are brightly greeted by our shortcomings, our failures, all of the […]