A tone of faith

by Darlene Fiedler

People who know me well know that when I go to the movies, I get very…animated. I once was so nervous in an action thriller movie I squeezed my friend’s arm so hard it left a bruise. So fair warning, if we ever go to the movies together, distance is your friend.  When the musical score becomes ominous, I immediately turn to the person sitting next to me for reassurance. “Everything is going to be okay, right?”

Just as the musical score sets the tone for the next scene of the movie, the lens through which you view your life sets the tone for your next season.  What do you want the tone of your life to be? I can tell you from personal experience that a life lived with a tone of confusion, worry or bitterness is far from fulfilling. What if we attempted faith?

Seeing with faith simply means living a life that is faith-toned. It means no matter what happens, you choose to hold on to the promises made to you as a child of God, and trust that God is fighting for your best interest. When you choose to see with faith, everything else becomes smaller and fuzzy in perspective.

See with faith. It sounds so simple. Easy. But choosing to see with faith when everything seems to be falling apart, or it seems like the miracle will never come, or Goliath will never be defeated, is anything but easy.

So how do you start? You start small. Jesus says in Luke 17:6, that even if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be capable of so much more than you can begin to imagine.

So start there, my dear. Hold on tight to that small seed of faith, and don’t let go. Let’s set the tone of our lives by choosing to see through a lens of faith!