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Mom of the year!

by Candice Camardo

So there I was, walking out from church with my 18 month old excited to go home. It was daylight savings day and I had been at church since 7:15am serving in productions. My husband had just left that morning to head to Japan for a work trip and I was gearing myself up to […]

Less Than Perfect

by Original Staff

We all want to be the best we can be but for many of us, the desire to be the best version of ourselves turns into a futile pursuit of perfection. We often equate success with perfection. The problem with perfection is that it is unrealistic. Only one person has ever led a perfect life, and […]

Planners Anonymous

by Elisabeth Willard

I’m a planner. I’m thought out, decent at forecasting, always thinking about the next thing and making sure there is a plan in place for it to run smoothly. Scheduling is my therapy. It gives me control & predictability – which I throughly enjoy. I know what to expect and also know where my free […]