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Just ask!

by Original Staff

With the Original Conference right around the corner, we know you have been praying about who to invite and asking the Lord to move in some big ways! We are believing alongside of you for family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends that you might think would never walk through the doors of Original – to COME! […]

I’m the boss of my own attitude

by Elisabeth Willard

This may come as an odd confession… but I love doing laundry. There is something about it that makes me feel so accomplished. No longer are there piles of dirty – there are piles of clean, and that is oh so wonderful. I also love my organized system of bins that are ready to go […]


by Elisabeth Willard

I remember times where I was so desperate to hear God… …times where I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom quietly, yet literally, crying out to God. Always at night. Why was I so desperate to hear Him? What did I want Him to say? And why is it that I’ve lost that […]

The noise

by Erin Tuls

Our generation has been taught that silence isn’t a good thing. We need the radio on in the car, we need the TV on in our house, and we need to be constantly texting/talking/checking Facebook on our phones. If a quiet day at home to you sounds like binge watching Netflix for eight hours, listen […]