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It’s a red light kind of day…

by Elisabeth Willard

Do you ever have those days where you feel as though you’ve hit every red light possible? Yeah… me too. Recently, I was having one of those kind of days… a red light kind of day. You wouldn’t believe the attitude it brings out in me… suddenly I am overcome by impatience (as if I […]

He is most careful with you

by Michelle Weygandt

“My people don’t recognize my care for them.” - Isaiah 1:3 (NLT) The other morning for my quiet time, I opened up my Bible to Isaiah to begin going through it. The book begins with Isaiah talking about the rebellion of Judah. The land of Judah was going through famine, war, and disease because of their […]

Sweat Pants & Oversize Shirts

by Original Staff

Hello lovely ladies! This past Friday we hosted an Original Night and had the pleasure of hearing from our dear friend, Lisa Seaton. In case you weren’t able to be with us, we wanted to be sure you didn’t miss out on this incredibly challenging message! Wow! “God has spoken, but often times we delay. […]