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Deep Cleaning

by Candice Camardo

It always surprises me how much time has really passed since I last cleaned the top of my refrigerator! It may have been two years! Over the Christmas season I got the itch to start cleaning out some storage spaces and deep cleaned a couple areas of our house that don’t get a ton of […]

I’m the boss of my own attitude

by Elisabeth Willard

This may come as an odd confession… but I love doing laundry. There is something about it that makes me feel so accomplished. No longer are there piles of dirty – there are piles of clean, and that is oh so wonderful. I also love my organized system of bins that are ready to go […]

Organization of the Heart

by Natalie Iguchi

This year, my husband and I took in two sweet, darling, little foster boys into our family of four, we suddenly realized that a family of six requires so much more preparation! I never realized just how organized momma duck needed to be in order to get her ducklings in a row! Good thing I […]

Old Shutter/New Shutter!

by Elisabeth Willard

Good morning, ladies! Here is a cute, DIY project from Liz! Hope you enjoy! Digging around in my basement one day, I came across some old shutters that used to be on the outside of my house (who knew?). “A folding shutter…kinda looks like a shelf to me,” I thought. “Brackets are all I need!” […]