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10 Days and Counting…..!

by Lisa Seaton

10 days and counting… I can hardly believe that Original Conference 2013 is only 10 days away. If you’ve never been a part of Original before…let me TRY to paint a picture for you….. A multitude of women gathered together in one room, representing a beautiful diversity in age, race, and stages of life. It’s […]


by Original Staff

From the very beginning, we all seem to have this innate desire to become like someone else.  Little boys want to become Superman, little girls want to become a princess (or if you’re like me, I wanted to become like JEM…a fictional, everyday girl-turned-ROCKSTAR…and that dream came and died in the 80’s…since I’m tone-deaf….ask my […]

Why, Hello Fall!

by Original Staff
Mini Pies Web Pic 2

I love summer… but for as much as I love summer, I love fall even more! When that perfect fall recipe hits with its chilly air, mixed with blustery winds, a dose of sunshine and a pinch of warm auburn leaves, all topped off with a cable knit scarf, I am one happy camper. So I […]