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by Abby Merz

Three months ago my life changed forever, for the better. I had my second baby, his name is Zeke and he is perfect; he has captured my heart in the most incredible way. I consider being a mom one of the greatest honors. After all, God, who knew Zeke long before I did and who […]

Practice makes progress

by Kari Staaland

“Do all things with love” … this sweet phrase is framed in my bathroom as a reminder, but sometimes if I am honest I think… Really? ALL things with love?  The phrase is sweet + sounds lovely but living this out can be tricky. 1 Cor. 13:4 simply states, “Love is patient, love is kind.”  […]

(Not So) Hallmark Over Here

by Alicia Kelley

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m sure your day will be filled with you and your mother and your sweet, calm children frolicking through a beautiful meadow with a picnic basket and bouquets of flowers and chimes of, “Mom, you’re the best!” Your kids will not fight and will realize the wisdom of your parenting and you […]

A Big Announcement

by Jen DeWeerdt

You know those moments when you see God’s faithfulness full-on, and the only appropriate response is to assume a posture of gratefulness and an attitude that celebrates his handiwork? I have been witness to one such moment today. Really, this story, this moment, isn’t mine to fully tell, but I have been privileged to watch […]