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Hope for all

by Original Staff

Families Violence Politics Fear Neighborhoods Churches Businesses Loneliness Countries Cities Broken hearts Hopelessness Our world So much to pray for. Your social media feeds are full of the crazy times we are living in, and it’s definitely a wild ride! There’s so much screaming for your attention, whether it be the noise of the world […]

Simply ask

by Stacey Welch

“But truly God has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” - Psalm 66:19 (ESV) Over and over again, God assures us that He hears our prayers, but not only that, He attends to our prayers. He is present in, deals with, and cares for our prayers. He tells us that He bends […]

Pray For Our World

by Original Staff

As Original, one thing that will always be important to us is learning to think globally. To get outside of ourselves and not only live aware of the world around us but get involved in the world around us! We love how you have gotten on board with us to make a difference in this […]

The Power of Prayer

by Original Staff

What if we prayed like it could actually change things? …Not because prayer is a secret formula, or because it gets God to do what we want Him to do… but because prayer connects us to the power of God. It’s easy to say God can do anything, is all-powerful, is capable of more than we […]