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40 Day Bible Reading Challenge

by Original Staff

All right, so we all know we need to be reading our Bibles. And we try to do that every day, we really do. But sometimes life gets busy, we may get a little off-track, and a “challenge” can be a super helpful motivator to get back into the Word consistently. Next Wednesday, March 5th, […]

How Safe Is Your Marriage?

by Alicia Kelley

The title of our blog today is actually the tag line for the book we are recommending today, Beyond Ordinary by Justin and Trisha Davis. At one of our Original Nights this past spring, we did a panel, and we had the panel give recommendations for books, podcasts, and other various things we thought you […]

Summer Reading Recommendation: Kisses from Katie

by Erin Campbell

Happy mid-week! If you haven’t joined us on Wednesdays for a while, we are bringing you recommendations from the Original staff each week, something that we hope will enrich you spiritually and otherwise. This week’s recommendation is the book Kisses from Katie. An excerpt of the book description: “What would cause an eighteen-year-old old senior […]

Suggested Reading List

by Original Staff

Hello, friends! Last weekend at our Original Night chat session, each woman on the panel shared some of her favorite reads. We wanted to make that list available to you, so here it is! Ordering Your Private World – Gordon MacDonald (organizing your spiritual life. Gordon MacDonald will be coming to Rockford First in May!) […]