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It’s a red light kind of day…

by Elisabeth Willard

Do you ever have those days where you feel as though you’ve hit every red light possible? Yeah… me too. Recently, I was having one of those kind of days… a red light kind of day. You wouldn’t believe the attitude it brings out in me… suddenly I am overcome by impatience (as if I […]

Tied with a bow

by Michelle Weygandt

I love it when life is wrapped up in neat little packages with super cute bows on top. Partially because I’m obsessed with bows, but mostly because I love when things are neat and orderly. But my little present isn’t so neat and I’m pretty positive the bow fell off in transit. And oh how […]


by Sarah Furman

A lot of my life has been spent waiting. Not necessarily patiently, but waiting nonetheless. I had felt like I was always waiting for something. Sometimes I knew what it was, sometimes I didn’t. It was this harboring feeling that there was something coming, something bigger and better, but it never seemed to come. I […]


by Original Staff

Matthew 11:28 (GW) Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. What do you carry every day? Your work load…laptop, phone, business cards, payroll, orders, white papers, memos, pie charts, bar graphs, spreadsheets, layoffs, rungs of the ladder to climb… Your school load…textbooks, online classrooms, portals, […]