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Treats Galore!

by Original Staff

Girls, We are in for a GREAT conference this year! We have some amazing guests that are lined up to join us. These are your real, every day women who are living out their God-given dreams + calling.  Each one of them brings something totally unique to the table, and we are in for a […]

Monday Devo: Week 9 (Psalm 105:4)

by Original Staff

Psalm 105:4 (NASB) Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually. “Seek…HIS strength.” When God asks you to do something, whose strength do you assess? Most of us make the mistake of evaluating whether or not our own strength will be adequate for the task. It goes something like this: God nudges us […]

Full Heart

by Jen DeWeerdt

Can you believe it has already been one week since we gathered together for Original 2014?!?! All during this week my mind has been brought back to our memorable and God-kissed time together, and each time a smile crosses my mind and thanks fills my heart. There really are no words to explain all that […]

Behind the Design–Original Conference

by Trina McNeilly

  Ladies, even as you read this, preparations are being made for your arrival at next week’s Original Conference–Ever and Always. We often get asked about the decor at our events–where do we get our ideas?  Who comes up with this stuff?  What’s the inspiration? We can tell you that we are blessed to have […]