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Waiting well

by Original Staff

What are you waiting for? All of us are typically waiting for something. Why is that? Is it because we actually need something? Or are we just looking for the next thing? Perhaps you are in a desperate situation, practically begging God to come through. Maybe you wish you could take a certain step, but […]

The Place of Lack

by Stacey Welch

Moments of rightful celebration for others have a funny way of bringing a megaphone and microscope to areas of lack, want, and pain in our personal lives. You’re at an engagement party and you leave happy for your friend, but a little sad, wondering when/if it will be your turn. You gleefully shower your sister […]


by Sarah Furman

A lot of my life has been spent waiting. Not necessarily patiently, but waiting nonetheless. I had felt like I was always waiting for something. Sometimes I knew what it was, sometimes I didn’t. It was this harboring feeling that there was something coming, something bigger and better, but it never seemed to come. I […]