The gift of honor

by Kari Staaland
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A while ago, Pastor Jeremy DeWeerdt spoke a message and mentioned a greeting the people of Tibet use… “Tashi Delay” which means “I honor the greatness in you.” What a beautiful way to say hello! I enjoy complimenting those I love when I see greatness in them. What a difference we could make if we actually verbalized this to each other!

This is something that I love to do. My own love language is “words of affirmation.”  The Five Love Languages, written by Gary Chapman, explains how we tend to give love in the same way we like to receive it. Even if encouraging others does not come naturally to you, all of us enjoy receiving a compliment from time to time. And I’m not talking about complimenting your friend’s new shoes. I’m talking about honor given that is directed to the core of who she is, to the greatness in her soul. And we all have greatness deposited in us as followers of Jesus.

This can be as simple as telling someone how much you appreciate their kindness, their selflessness, or their listening ear. The word appreciate means to increase the value of something. Think of this, anytime you show appreciation to someone, you are increasing their value to you. 

“Love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor.” - Romans 12:10 (ESV)

All of us can give the gift of honor to the people around us. So what is holding us back? I think our own insecurity and jealousy often keeps us quiet. We see our friends and recognize their great qualities, but are unwilling to draw attention to the greatness in them. Why? I think we fear others looking better than us. We want the compliments and recognition for ourselves, but are stingy when it comes to giving honor to others. Just because we don’t receive it as much as we’d like, doesn’t mean that we can’t do it for others! In fact, that’s a great place to start… Let’s outdo one another in showing honor!